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There is a mini-hack in which the version of the game is raised, which is the reason for the success of the protection, so if you enter an important account for you, you cannot enter the original version until you wait for a new season of Peggy, and then you can enter your account..!

Works for all rooted Android phones

At the present time, it is the safest among the hacks that work as a root

Hack security 98% - play smart according to instructions

Don't play brutally because you can't get banned through notifications

● Available versions of the hack:

Korean KR




● Features:

Player names radar

- player distance radar

Player health radar

Player chest radar را

- Radar display player skeleton

- Radar display player inside a box

Bomb warning radar

- radar

Vehicle radar

Weapon radar

360 . radar alert

● IMpot

- Automatically track the player when shooting or shooting

Impot the target place (head or body)

IMpot 300 meters


100% weapon stability.

headshot 100%

Magic Bullet 100%

90% merge increase

Kill the player with only 3 shots

Mist removal - Weed removal -

Safe iPad perspective

Lacquer and shredding remover

And many more features discover for yourself..

● After using this application, you do not need to exit it because it is complete

Unable to delete (just dependent)

I can fix the game اللعب

Able to clean the data

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